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What about U? UTube stars in latest earnings call…

I had the opportunity to read a article yesterday (4/23/15) by Leena Rao entitled, YouTube stars in Google’s latest earnings call. (Click here for the article). It was a fine article and similar to a number of others I have read recently focusing on the impact that YouTube has on the amount of money Google earns.

Throughout the article and others like it, the main focus was on how much money YouTube is earning from the ads that are placed on your original content.

I find it ironic that there is never any reference in these types of articles to the value that the YouTube posters bring to the site? Most often the focus is on how many ads viewers had to sit through, the number of overall views, cost per click, and blah blah blah and on and on…?

Where does it talk about the profit share split between YouTube and the content posters from the ad revenue? Not just the larger channels, but the average poster? Maybe the one who gets a few 1000 views? Where does it talk about the payouts for these types of posters? YouTube never seems to release this data? I’d be curious to see that!

Think about it…How much money did you get paid for your last YouTube video upload?

Now I understand that not everyone posts content and expects to get paid. Some post it for the fun or for the exposure. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fully supportive of that…I think that it’s great!

I do believe however that the average poster of content should have the opportunity to be in more control of their videos, and how they get compensated for it, if they choose!

I think that’s why I’m suggesting a different model at and the other sites I own like it. It allows the poster to be in total control. If you want to make money it’s up to you, not some fancy algorithm that places ads on your video. The model is also not based on the number of views you receive. The number of views you receive is irrelevant. This type of idea will be the way forward on the internet for video sharing sites… A site that is not based on views/ads to generate revenue and payouts to its users. A different idea, but one that will work!

Check us out sometime at we’re just getting started!