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That Secret Spot:

That Secret Spot:

Have you ever been skiing or snowboarding and found a spot on the mountain where no one else has been? It’s perfect …It’s cool …and you found it first!

Think about it… you are in total control. It’s a great feeling! Even a moment of clarity in your life.  Being out there in that secret spot feels a lot better than being stuck in a ski mountain ticket line, lift line, going down a main trail with a million other people, and being just another person on the hill. Right?

When you’re lost in the masses of people on a hill, to me, it sounds a lot like when you post your edits on Youtube or Vimeo. I just typed “snowboarding” into the YouTube search function and got back over 2 million videos! If you’re lumped in there you’re lost…just another number…no control…stuck in the lineup!

Finding that secret spot on the hill is a lot like embedding your edits on Even though you bought a ticket to the mountain by posting your edits on YouTube and Vimeo first, once you embed them on you have found the secret spot! You are now off the beaten path!

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