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YouTube makes no profit?–Not Surprised!

YouTube: A billion users and still no profit? –Not Surprised!

I read an article recently by Trevor Mogg on a site called Digital Trends titled “YouTube: A billion users and still no profit”. Hard to believe right? Not really.

I’m not a professional consultant or highly paid executive, but I do know this. As the internet and its users evolve, it’s going to get really hard to sustain a platform like YouTube’s that is based only on views and ads to create profit. Everyone knows this. Ads are frustrating to sit through. Most are skipped as soon as possible and views will plateau at some point.

As the internet continues to progress, I think the bigger issue for YouTube will be when posters realize the real value of their content.

Think about it. You are the talent in your video. How much time did it take you to create it, edit it, and tell people about it? Yet you settle for the YouTube deal of making little to nothing for it?

That’s like going to work every day and getting paid pennies for your efforts? Doesn’t really make sense…Does it?

Your time and effort are worth something. ..Right? Even if you’re just posting for fun or exposure, why let YouTube profit from it alone?

When this concept is truly realized, that’s when the real problems will begin for sites like YouTube that are based on the view/ad platform to create revenue, and minimal, if any payouts for the majority of users.

That’s why I’m suggesting a different model at

It allows you, the poster, to be in total control. If you want to make money it’s up to you, not some fancy algorithm that places ads on your video. The model is also not based on the number of views you get. The number of views you get is irrelevant on

This will be the way forward on the internet. A video sharing site that is not based on views/ads to generate revenue and payouts for its users. A different idea, but one that will work.

Don’t settle! Check us out sometime at





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