BV4 Wordpress#1

Welcome! What is this site all about?

Welcome to board4votes com!

I created this site because I was tired of seeing talented people post their videos on other sites and get very little or nothing in return.
This concept is not based on some fancy algorithm that places random ads on your video and depends on someone clicking it so that you can get paid. gives the power back to the poster! You now have total control. Work hard…Get votes…Get paid!

Get started today.
• Create an account and embed your original video(s)
• Share the site and link to your video with your family, friends..on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
• Ask for votes! Start with 10 per person!
• Anytime your account equals 100 votes or more..Cash it out for real money!

Funds will be distributed in to your PayPal account

Get creative! Have fun! Get paid…You deserve it!