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Large Video Sharing Sites-Missing the Point!

Large Video Sharing Sites-Missing the Point!

I read a great article this week from Jefferson Graham on USA  It was about a new “next generation video” company. ( Click here for the article ) The site has an interesting concept.

In my opinion though, when it comes to being able to make money for your original edits, larger video sharing sites are still missing the point!

Sure, if you get millions of views per upload then you will be fine, but what about the 100’s of millions of people who upload their valuable content every day and get 1000’s of views or less? Unlocking the potential of this group is where the future lies.

The creation of a platform that is not solely based on views or ad revenue must be created, and will be supported as posters continue to understand the true value of their content.

It’s fine to continue to create sites that focus on large users of Youtube and Vimeo.  That’s where the money is today.  What about the future?… When the masses of people begin to expect better and begin to understand the value of their content to the site.

This concept will be realized soon and that’s when the real problems will begin for sites like YouTube that are based on the view/ad platform to create revenue and minimal if any payouts for the majority of users.

It’s been proven across the internet that when people are emotionally engaged with video content and/or physically connected to the poster they will support them financially. (Examples: Donations for bullied New York bus monitor surpass $600G article and $55,000 for Potato Salad article)

I think that’s why I’m suggesting a different model at and the other sites I own like it.

It allows the poster to be in total control. If you want to make money it’s up to you, not some fancy algorithm that places ads on your video. The model is also not based on the number of views you receive. The number of views you receive is irrelevant. This type of idea will be the way forward on the internet for video sharing sites… A site that is not based on views/ads to generate revenue and payouts to its users. A different idea, but one that will work!

Check us out sometime at we’re just getting started!