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Be Disruptive! Why Not?

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At we like being disruptive as long as we are helping others!

Check this out…

Ask yourself- How much money am I making on the videos that I post on Youtube and Vimeo? Chances are.. you’re making very little if anything at all.  Why is that? I mean… it’s your content!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some extra cash for new gear, clothes, or even just for gas money?

I got tired of seeing talented people post their stuff and get nothing in return!

I created a new “disruptive” concept at that allows people to get paid for their video edits.  It’s completely different than youtube or vimeo or any other ad based models. It puts you the poster in control, not some complex computer code that no one can figure out! Yeah… it takes a little more effort, but the payouts can be big!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Post it-Post your original edit just like any other video sharing site (embed right from youtube and vimeo)
  2. Promote it-Promote your edit to your friends, family, fans and ask them to place a few votes*.  Be creative! Use your social media sites to reach a bigger group.
  3. Get Paid for it-Each vote that you get is worth $.20 in your account!

*Votes are sold for a small fee in vote “packs” of 1 vote, 5votes, and 10 votes so they can add up very quickly! A portion of this fee is where your $.20 comes from.

Think about it-Why not try it.  Account set up and posting edits are free.. and the risks are low! You can “cashout” your account anytime it reaches 100 votes or more. (That’s just 10 people placing 10 votes each!)

Being disruptive is a good thing! As long as the end result is helping others.  At we are being disruptive and trying to change how people get paid for their videos!  Give us a try!


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